When The Mercury Rises

Couple of observations on this day when the mercury breaks a
new record in the city of Toronto.  It
was really gross today, but this evening was actually really nice out and there
were a whole lot of people out walking around. 
Now back to the observations, first, when walking outside for an hour,
bring a water bottle. Also there are some architects out there who need to have
their heads examined for the combinations of materials on the outsides of some
houses in the neighborhood. Oh and lastly, I would really like to be doing
something other than walking, but for right now it looks like this is all my
body will let me do (until I can get a massage of my legs and hip flexors).
Now getting out wasn’t the first thing on my list today, but
once the sun started to go down I knew that a walk was in order (even if it was
a small one). My body is not feeling right in a lot of respects, but I can’t
seem to figure out why.  Nothing has
really changed diet wise in the last few weeks, but my energy levels have been
extremely low and my legs have been aching. 
Just a dull aching in my calves, quads and hamstrings has been enough to
curtail a lot of my normal activities.
I headed north tonight to check out a different route and
see a little more of the neighborhood. 
There are some nice homes in and around the area and there are a whole
bunch of parks and trails that are screaming to be explored. When I rolled back
into the Casa there was another 5.57KM on my shoes and another 646 calories off
my waistline (well, here’s hoping they came off my waistline).  I had a pretty good pace going tonight too,
somewhere just over ten minutes per kilometer. 
It looks like the process is slowing down, but it isn’t stopping.  I just have to keep finding the motivation to
get out and walk at the very least.

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