Sultry Thursday Night

Well the body isn’t feeling any better, but it was a nice
night out and time for the Thursday walk with @3DinTO and @MichDoyl24. After
scouting the route on the south side of the 401 on Monday, I took my companions
on the same route.  We remarked on many
things, including some of the terrible decisions people make when building a
house.  Some nice, some, well terrible.
The weather was nice and the company was good so the walk went really quickly
(although I was a little bitter about the time a satellite lock took on the

My legs still don’t feel right so I can only do what my body
will allow.  At this point any heavy
cardio or biking seem to be out of the cards right now, walking will at least
give me something to do.  It may not seem
like much, but four or five 6KM walks a week should at least give me some semblance
of normality. It sounds like a broken record, but at least I’m able to do

Tonight’s walk was also full of some interesting characters
including the group of teen boys all driving new BMW’s drying their freshly
washed rides with a leaf blower. 
Interesting or douchey? Not sure yet, but leaning towards douchey.   Really how many BMW’s or Mercedes does one
household really need?  I guess the
answer is as many as fit in your extra large driveway.

Sorry this post is going to be short, my mind is on
Passenger 57 (which I’m watching) and the other stuff (yes Redhead from
Brantford, you are right). The walk clocked in at 6.65KM and burned around 790
calories, which is a good thing since we had an event at work and I managed to
scarf down a burger, steak sandwich and a sausage.  Tomorrow looks like it will be another slow
activity day, but Katherine and I are scheduled to meet Ms. Audrey!!  Very excited!


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