Good News, Bad News…

Well today there is a little bundle of goodness by the name
of Audrey Riley Murdoch. She arrived this morning a couple of days late
(actually, I’m not shocked by that), but made her appearance after all the
Canada Day festivities had wrapped up.  Congratulations
to new parents Jason and Joanna. This will conclude the warm fuzzy portion of tonight’s
posting.  If that isn’t to your liking,
stop now and tune back in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat blog…

I am at a crossroads right now and am absolutely disgusted
with myself after a weekend where my grand designs pretty much imploded. I did
not even put on bike shorts, let alone get the Argon 18 out the door for either
one of the two planned rides I had worked on (a route headed north from the
condo for a 50K and then a loop of the ‘Monster’, the hill at Bayview and
Lawrence and the climb in Sunnybrooke park). 
At to that the, what’s a word that is worse than ‘poor’… Let’s go with
horrid food choices made over the course of the last three days and you have
the equivalent of an atomic bomb going off in a cute kitten factory…

Over the last little while you have heard me talk (or
complain) about how my body has been betraying me, well starting Friday it has
gotten worse.  I was walking and my left
calf and hamstring started to cramp up for no reason and over the course of the
next 8 hours, I had a pair of ‘dead’ legs. 
They just felt wrong.  Every fiber
of my being was telling me to get out and ride but my brain just wouldn’t let
me do it.  Even as I sat around today
contemplating what I wanted to do, I just felt wrong and for once I’m not sure
if I should just stop and throw in the towel or try and push through.

I went with option B tonight and decided to try and walk and
see what would happen.  My head has been
clouded by the events of the last couple months and I’m pretty sure I narrowly
avoided a mini meltdown Sunday evening. Headphones in, Vento Americano Misto
and the south side of the 401 and off I went. 
I logged 7.25KM in one hour and nineteen minutes burning 827
calories.  Not bad numbers and it was
nice just to shut down the brain and just put one foot in front of the other
and just walk.  The weather was nice, humidity
was bearable and all in all it was a good time. 
Now if I can just get my body to start being nice to me, I will be
getting somewhere.


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  1. bio mechanics specialist, Ken Phu, Core Strength, he will fix you from the base up. Don't give up and who cares how fast and how far its all about getting out there and being active – having fun. like they say, just do it!

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