Yup, It’s Warm Out There

Well it is certainly shaping up to be a warm Canada Day
weekend here in the Big Smoke. Not the good kind of warm, the humid make your
body stick to you kind of warm.  PK and I
stayed late at work to move some servers around and jam them full of more
memory.  Nothing like manhandling very
expensive pieces of computing hardware in a very confined space. Made it home
later than usual and after scarfing down a thin crust pizza, a little walking
was just what the doctor ordered.
Met up with @3DinTO for a little exercise west of Yonge St.
once the sun went down and the weather kind of evened out.  It was actually very nice out, still a little
bit humid, but not overly disgusting. 
Now we were headed in the general direction of one of my previous trips,
but we would have to improvise due to the cemetery being closed. Big houses,
some terrible designs and some good conversation made the time pass along with
the kilometers (miles in D’s case).
We were on the homeward leg when we struck the mother lode…  The WILLOWDALE LAWN BOWLING CLUB.  Think Wimbledon whites to match the blue hair
and visors.  We are so taking up this
sport (right after I find a visor) and winning everything (well whatever titles
are available).  @CWagstaff is also down
for, how to put this gently, #woopsomebluehairs.
When we were all said and done we had made it 6.32KMs in one
hour seventeen minutes.  We weren`t in a
real big hurry, but we were making some pretty good time.  I finally got smart, instead of mapping all
the walks when I got back, I just wore my Garmin.  Plug it in and everything is copied
over.  The watch even told me that I burned
off 753 calories for the nights activities.

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