Is This What Old Feels Like?

For $hit sakes… My triceps hurt.  Triceps. 
I haven’t worked out my triceps. 
Why are they hurting?  That’s just
not how this is supposed to work.  If you
work out legs, two days later they are supposed to hurt.  That’s the system.  That’s the plan.  That’s how it works.  You don’t work out legs and then your arms
hurt.  How does that even happen?  Ok, complaining aside (I think you get the
gist) I am starting to feel the effects of getting back into the swing of
When the alarm went off this morning, I knew that it was a 50/50
proposition getting out of bed. With an early dentist visit on the books, the
condo gym was the only available option and sadly, wait, gladly… no, that’s
where I ended up.  A quick session of 35
minutes on the treadmill just to get some mileage and calories in the
book.  It wasn’t easy but gosh darn it, I
got it done.  On the downside I discovered
that the finger I gave the Nike/Apple combo may have been premature and the
sensor needs a little more work.  It
tracks, but seems to miss a bit of information.
Treadmill – 35 minutes, 2.24 miles, 450 calories
Again slow and steady wins this race.  I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be an off day
from the gym as I have a nice evening walk scheduled with the Doyls.  Check out the neighborhood, get some fresh
(humid) air, have a coffee and just see the sights.  As the long weekend rolls in decisions need
to be made with regards to physical activity. 
I need to be in a state to get out and pump the pedals and put some
mileage on the bikes.
Until tomorrow,

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