There Might Be A Tear

Well it was a sad day today. I came to the realization that I’m no longer physically designed to play football.  Now that’s not to say that I don’t still love to play, but it appears that I’m a tight end trapped in a defensive lineman’s body.  I have good hands, football smarts and the occasional speed burst, but the body just can’t handle the breaks, cuts and rigors of the game.

I am holding out hope that the pain I’m feeling right now won’t be lasting too long because I am in Brantford to participate in what could potentially be a 90km ride. Now if 75km on a road bike is hard, I’m thinking that the 90 on a mountain bike might as well be biking to Istanbul. The weather is also supposed to be  blistering hot tomorrow it could be tough sledding.  I am really looking forward to it though.

 Today was an impromptu game of BFL football and it was a very moist game.  That wasn’t a bad thing, it wasn’t hot, but the bugs and the rain were a challenge. I may have had one of my best career games.  I accounted for 80% of the teams offense, 3TDs passing and 1 receiving. I also had a shot at at least one more.  The play of the day though was the diving reception that I made on a wide, low throw. It was excellent.

I will take it easy for the remainder of the day in the hopes I’m good to go for tomorrows ride.

To close this short post, I am not giving up football, just putting the career on hold until I am a little lighter.  By the start of the fall regular season, I will be ready to rock and roll.


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