2012 Becel Ride for Heart

Well the big day has come and gone.  2012’s edition of the Ride for Heart.  Now, I won’t lie to you, this year there was
some apprehension on my part.  Not with
regards to the Ride event, but with regard to the weather and the distance that
I had committed to riding (75KM). I have never gone that far in one session (I did
100KM over the Victoria day weekend, but that was three sessions) and having
survived the Ride for Heart 2010 (torrential rain, cold conditions, a torn up
knee and I’m pretty sure snow), I had no desire to attempt 75 in the rain.

Now as the Captain of Team Keilhauer, I had some additional
stresses, making sure people were where they needed to be, had what they needed
and that the whole team did the best they could fundraising.  As I write this, Team Keilhauer has raised
over $21,400 and we still have a couple of days left.  Now way back when I issued a challenge to
other Corporate teams to see if we could increase the brutal number of
Corporate Challenge VIPs (which was in the neighborhood of 3%), well my team
threw down.  We were 71% VIPs, including
three 25th Anniversary Riders ($2,500 or more raised).  I would be interested to see how the other
teams did this year.

@hoodieruns came in yesterday we hit the Nike employee store
(and @hoodieruns signed their wall of high rollers), filled our bellies with
shawarma and steak at Casa de @keilshammer & @Wardy_ and turned in early
for the big day.  Now something you need
to know about me, I hate being late.  If I
say be there at 6 am, I actually want to be there at 5:45a.  Departure time was 5:15a and @hoodieruns and I
were “A$$ in seat” one whole minute ahead of schedule.  Doesn’t sound like much, but it made me
happy.  We got to the BLC, got the bikes
unloaded, food in our stomachs and ready to ride.

Sadly my planned departure time for the 75KM came and went,
but we finally got on the road (which were dry) and rolling in some cool, but
otherwise good conditions.  At setting
off, my time goal for the 75KM was to e sub three hours and I firmly believed
we could do a two-forty-five. We took the first six kilometers at a pretty easy
pace (riding with Andy and Rick), but as we neared the DVP, I knew that the
hammer would have to be applied if I was going to be successful.  I tried to get the troops rolling three
times, but finally realized that I was going to be doing this solo.

Click, Click, BOOM!!!

Down through the gears and off I went.  The first little while was pretty standard
cycling, but as we neared Don Mills, the hills started to make their presence
felt.  It started to slow down (and I couldn’t
seem to jump on any of the pelotons), but I kept the legs moving at over 80
RPMs. I managed to hit some good speeds on the downhills and I was very happy
with my climbing today, except at York Mills (seriously, when did that become a
vertical cliff?).  During the first
turnaround where I met @lifeafterbagels who had a good pace going and was
riding for the first time. Once I got south of Eglinton, I was on the fastest
part of the course and I carried 40KM/H all the way to Bloor.  Here is where it got tough, this was the
first time I would be doing the loop twice and I won’t sugar coat it, it was
tough getting back to York Mills.  Many
RPMs later I came to the Gardiner and this is where the trouble started.  I was running out of steam in a hurry and
without anyone to draft with, I knew that I had do my best to finish
strong.  This seemed like a great plan until
the final six kilometers.  Head wind,
uphill and my buddy acting like a giant kite, I didn’t have much left. 


Buckled down and just focused on my front wheel and keeping
my legs pumping.  Time was now a factor.
I had no hope of a 2h45m, but I was still sub 3h.  As I rolled back into the EX (on fumes), I pulled
up to the finish line with a time of 2h54m. 
I was spent. Had trouble walking through the gaggle of people (and
bikes) while trying to grab food and liquids (pretty sure I wasn’t
hydrated).  The ride covered 76.33KMs and
I had an average speed of 26.2KM/H (New record for me) and hit a maximum of
60KM/H (first downhill onto the DVP).  I
burned 4,943 calories and had an average heart rate of 160BPM maxing out at

As I write this (late on ride day) I realized that I reached
the limit of my endurance and ability (as they stand today), but I had a great
time (new personal bests for distance and total time riding).  I have a big thanks to the Heart and Stroke
Foundation for hosting this amazing event.


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3 Thoughts to “2012 Becel Ride for Heart”

  1. Bernz, I'm so proud of you for your commitment to this event and how you motivated others… I'm hurtin' right now, but I tell ya, it was the best damn event to date!
    Thanks for being a great team leader!!

  2. Beez!!! Great ride buddy, gutsy and epic! Fantastic day and weekend all around! Thank you so much for asking me to participate. It was an awesome experience and I loved it!

  3. Anonymous

    So proud bro! Where are your socks!?!?

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