Oi! My Dogs Are Barking

What does that even mean? 
It’s not really my dogs (feet) that are barking, just one pain in the
a$$ ankle that is the center of my grief. 
I won’t lie when I tell you that when the alarm went off this morning,
there was serious thought given to turning it off, pulling the covers over my
head and calling in unavailable until after Canada Day.  Lucky for you guys though, I’m made of
tougher stuff than that (plus you wouldn’t have anything to read) and I sucked
it up and got moving… very slowly.

Now I know enough about the alarms that my body fires off to
know that this one meant no weights or leg exercises today.  Just a nice slow cardio day with some
treadmill, elliptical and some bike. 
Well right out of the gate I was slow (ok, stop laughing, I’m slow most
of the time), but here I mean I was behind yesterday’s pace.  It is kind of funny that when you compare the
numbers, the only difference the slower pace had an effect on was the total
distance travelled.

Treadmill – 35 minutes, 2.10 miles, 462 calories
‘Ski’ Elliptical – 13 minutes, 1.69 miles, 250 calories
Recumbent Bike – 10 minutes, 2.63 miles, 88 calories

The numbers are not stellar by any stretch of the
imagination, but considering the unexpected daily double that I had yesterday,
not bad.  I made it out to the gym and
actually got some solid work in.  Now the
hard part will be tomorrow (Wednesday) as I have a dentist appointment.  I will need to be up early to hit the condo
gym for some treadmill work.  Again,
nothing spectacular, just good solid work will get me to the end goal.

Two side notes tonight. 
First, a big thanks to Mo and Ally for the healthy dinner of spaghetti
squash tonight while I was fixing some computers.  Second (two parter), a big F-U complete with
raised fingers to Apple and Nike today for the $25 I managed to not pay them
and for the lack of the Nike Fuelband in Canada.  I got a Nike sensor for Xmas a couple years
ago and the battery just died.  Nike and
Apple decided that a person should have to buy another sensor instead of just
replacing the battery.  Thanks to
@Keilshammer cracking the sensor open and the $5 replacement battery, I will
get another couple of years of use. WOOHOO!

See you in the early,


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One Thought to “Oi! My Dogs Are Barking”

  1. definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…hard not to notice when you were posting about those nice walks you were taking, the lack of crying about an ankle ready to explode(plus you looked slimer, must have been from all that beer you missed not playing ball)…time to hang the gloves up bet or no bet, hey nothing wrong with a good ol game a catch to get yer bball fix big man.

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