Mickey’s Revenge

Remember when last I wrote and said I would be taking it
easy on the beer front.  FAIL on the
second night of the five day long weekend. Sometimes the Universe just wants to
remind you who’s in charge.  We had an
action packed day up here, somebody wrung in the May long, by burning down
their cottage.  On the opposite end of
the lake from Club North, a 3000sq.ft. place went up in flames Saturday
afternoon.  After a brief stop to visit
Sab and Patty we decided that Sunday we would head out for a ride as a group.
Somewhere after that point I forgot about the ride and ended
up drinking a wee bit o’ Mickey’s.  It
was delicious, but Sunday morning was a slow one for me.  Wait, I skipped a part, I made dinner on
Saturday night and I have to say Burgers a le Beez were some kinda awesome
(yes, I’m tooting my own horn, deal with it). We played some drinking Jenga and
watched some movies and basically had a pretty good night.
Sunday I hurt. 
Physically I was feeling the effects of the 40KM ride and the beer and
after a great night of sleep on day one, I had a pretty broken evening of
tossing and turning.  I woke to find that
Patty had bailed on the ride (due to illness), but thanks to @Keilshammer, we
got packed up and moving anyway (after I spent 20 minutes trying to find my
contact lenses and my flip flops. 
Scatterbrained much? Since it was just the two of us and Hammer wanted
to run after his ride, we decided to do the Barrens again, but cap at
30KMs.  What a difference a couple of
days make.  It was smoking hot, a little
bit humid and though I managed to bring my water bottles and had some GU Chews
prior to starting, my legs were dead weight for most of this one.
We covered 30.53KMs on this ride in one hour and twelve
minutes, burning 2099 calories along the way. 
My average heart rate was 169BPM (see, crazy difference, but I was also
wearing the strap correctly), maxing out at 188BPM.  Now before you get worked up, it was blazing
hot and I wasn’t in, how to put this delicately, peak physical condition).  My average speed for the ride was the same as
yesterday’s (25.5KM/H), but my max was 55.4KM/H.  I’m thinking some of my reduced high speeds
yesterday were due to ANOTHER loose spoke, but I went MacGyver on it and we
were rolling right along today.
Not sure how many more long rides I have in me this weekend,
but maybe a shorty on Tuesday before we head back.

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