Getaway Day

Well the long weekend is upon us (SQUEE!!!). No while most
of you working stiffs have a three day long weekend, this guy has a FIVE DAY
one.  Not too shabby eh? Now, I’m not
gloating (honest), but this weekend won’t be all smiles and Sleeman Clear,
there is some serious training that will be taking place because the Ride for
Heart is TWO WEEKS away. Now I signed up for the 75KM ride this year, having
conquered the 25KM and the 50KM in the previous two outings, but seeing as I
haven’t been outside on a ride yet this year, panic may be creeping into my

Before I get to telling you about our Friday ride, let me
start with my Thursday at the ballpark with @igregory who was in town
visiting.  We have great seats, but of
course the row behind us is filled with drunk, rude, ignorant Yankee fans (now
generally I have no issue with Yankee fans, but these guys were a$$holes).  Anywho, @JoeyBats19 mashing a foul ball to
the 500 Level, followed by a home run to left. 
I decided to thank him for shutting these clowns up with a tweet when JP
decides to foul one at me.  I hear the
crack of the bat, have enough time to look up from my typing and get my hand in
front of the ball that is rocketing towards my grill.  Sadly I don’t catch it, but deflect it to the
Yankee clowns.  I promptly act like
nothing has happened and resume my tweet.

So @Keilshammer and I make it up to Muskoka before 11a and
thanks to him he got us on the road shortly thereafter.  It was great! 
Overcast day so it wasn’t too hot, and I felt really, really fast.  In fact he even commented on the fact that he
was actually working to keep pace (excellent, makes a nice change).  Only issue for me was that a) I hadn’t had
much to eat (a large black coffee and half a corn muffin from Country Style. Side
note, that will be the last corn muffin I have from Country Style, as it clocks
in at a whopping 500 calories) and b) the nice cold water bottles I had put in
the fridge to chill, were still in the fridge and not attached to my bike.

We decided on the Torrence Barrens route because it wouldn’t
be busy and it was close by.  40KM was
the agreed upon distance and I only lost sight of Hammer in the last 5KMs of
the ride which is also a first.  The no
H2O combined with the lack of fuel led to my bonking (crashing for lack of
energy, but not actually wiping out) during the second half of the ride.  The stats though were in line with the last
time we did this route and I even shaved a couple of minutes off the overall
time.  40.42KMs in one hour and 35
minutes.  I burned 2799 calories and had
an average heart rate of 138BPM, maxing out in the area of 174 (not too sure
about those numbers as I had the chest strap on upside down).  My average speed was 25.5KM/H and I maxed out
at 55KM/H even.

Back to Club North for a hot tub and some beers.  Don’t worry, I will be taking it easy on the
booze front and there will be at least one more ride this weekend.


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