The Hills Are Alive…

So I just realized that I owe you a post… My Bad.  In the huff and puff that was the end of the
Victoria Day long weekend (in my case, five day long weekend) I didn’t post
about the ride @Keilshammer and I did on Tuesday morning.  It didn’t start off too positively as he
spent the minutes before departure looking for bear spray (to which I replied,
why do we have to ride in a place where we need bear spray) and it finished
with us crossing the 100KM mark for distance after three days of riding.

We headed out to Mortimer’s Point Road and from there we
headed towards Port Carling.  Now thank
goodness that it was an overcast day and not too hot out, because this ride
would have been hell on wheels in blazing sun (and humidity).  The elevation gain and loss over the course
of the ride was over 430 meters (or somewhere in the area of 141 stories if
this was a building).  Now granted it
wasn’t all on one hill and there were some great downhill runs, but there was
some hard digging at some points to find the tops. Side note, we also ended up
passing the 3,500 sq.ft. cottage that burned down on the weekend (no one was
hurt) and man oh man, would it have sucked to be the owners.

The total ride time for us to get 30KM was one hour and
eighteen minutes (seven minutes slower than the Barrens).  Difference between this and the Barrens was
the sheer amount of good sized hills. 
Average speed was down in the neighborhood of 23.1 KM/H, but my max was
up to 57.4 KM/H (the bike computer says I actually hit 61.8 KM/H).  Now the lack of blazing sun (and a bike
equipped with water) brought my average heart rate down to 156BPM with a max of

With this being ride number three in five days, I was done
by the time we got to the end of it.  My
butt hurt (mostly because I forgot the Chamois Butter, but mostly because we
had ridden 100KM.  That is a long assed
way any which way you slice it.  With the
Ride for Heart coming up in less than ten days, I am getting ready for the
single longest ride of my cycling career (ok, it’s not really a career, but I couldn’t
think of a better term).

I’m heading into another ling weekend and hopefully I will
find the motivation to get moving for the weekend.


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