Like Star Trek: The Next Generation

The last episode of the series was titled “All Good Things”
from the quote “All good things must come to an end”.  As day 30 of the 30 Day Challenge came and
went, I completed one of the two stated goals. 
30 days with no alcohol, check. Working out 75% of the days in the
month, sadly fail.  I did manage to
workout 66% of the days and had some good results, but my body just couldn’t
handle the workload. My ankles started to have serious issues, my back started
to go bad and the hips were starting to really ache.  Sometimes, the ends justify the means and you
have to keep going.

The Challenge was very successful for me (as seen in the
last post that included the weigh in stats), but the problem I’m having right
now is deciding whether to keep it up or not. 
Honestly, I don’t think I will be able to, because there is a part of me
that seriously needs to be disconnected for about a month.  Now I understand that alcohol solves no
problems, but it is a way to push thinking about problems off for a while (no
need to tell me that this is a $hitty way to look at it, but sometimes thems
the breaks).

Tonight I got home and looked at the relatively empty fridge
(I have a diet plan from Eva, but things have been hectic here so I haven’t had
time to go shopping) and decided that reheated pizza was the way to go.  So much for healthy options.  Twenty minutes later (feeling really guilty I
might add), I got changed, grabbed a coffee and headed out to walk.  My ankle still doesn’t feel good enough to
hit the gym (and to be honest it doesn’t feel good walking either, but I had to
do something), but it was ‘nice’ outside and I felt I needed to be out there.

One hour and fifteen minutes later I had covered 6KM on the
nose.  It was really interesting as I walked
on the west side of Yonge (in a neighborhood that DanJoe, Sorbo and Pav used to
live in and that we partied in), I found some parks, tennis courts and some
really nice houses.  Crossed Sheppard and
found the road less travelled. Turned the corner and made my way back to the
Casa to put my feet up.

Now it has taken a while to come up with this posting for a
number of reasons (none of which I will be getting into) and the hard part tonight
was getting this post down without saying anything I didn’t mean (honestly, I’m
feeling pretty nasty right now).  I have
been dealing with a lot the last couple of weeks and right now I’m just not
feeling great.  Motivation could be an
issue for the next while.


PS – To my support group, here are the answers to the
questions you have been asking:

I’m fine.
No, I don’t want to talk about it.
Everything will work out.

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