Day Twenty-Nine

So I guess I have a new weekend pastime. It involves coffee
and walking.  Not rocket science by any
stretch, but it is a nice relaxing was to spend part of a Sunday.  Now I understand that walking isn’t a huge
calorie burner (when compared to two hours at the gym or riding any of the
three bikes), but it is a nice way to get some activity in and expand my
knowledge of Toronto.  On the last couple
of walks I’ve stayed north of the concrete barrier known as the 401, but today I
was feeling adventurous and to the Southside I traveled (think Moby featuring
Gwen Stefani).

Today’s walk started off on a funny little note thanks to
the Barista at Starbucks.  She seemed to
have trouble either understanding me over the noise in the store (or it could
be that I was mumbling), but she just couldn’t understand my name (she wanted
to write it on my cup).  What I ended up
with was the picture below, for today, close enough.

The path under the 401 linking up with Lord Seaton drive is
a great way to get across the great divide and there are some seriously nice
houses (and some that need to be re-evaluated) and neighborhoods tucked
away.  A big park, quiet streets and lots
of twists and turns make it a pretty cool little area (hey @Keilshammer, maybe
you need to expand your search area).

Lots of twists and elevation changes led me almost to
Bayview, south to just about York Mills and then back to Old Yonge Street. It
was an absolutely stunning day outside (not too hot with a cool breeze) and
with an audiobook playing on the ol’ iPod, I disconnected my brain and enjoyed
some quality time outside.  Not too bad
considering I covered 6.92KMs in one hour and twenty-five minutes (lots of
climbing on this walk peeps).

Have a good Sunday as I prepare for the last day of the 30
Day Challenge.


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