Day Twenty

So this gloomy Friday morning has the makings of a train
wreck kind of day.  Train Wreck you ask?
Yes, full out car crash (you  know, the
kind you can’t look away from). I could not fall asleep last night, no matter how
hard I tried.  When I finally did fall
asleep, nature started chirping at 4am and once I woke up to shut the sliding
door (for some peace and quiet), I was back at square one, staring at the
ceiling. My legs were aching and my body was not feeling 100%.

This being day five of the week, I knew that I still had to
do something no matter how ‘not ok’ my body was feeling.  The 30 Day Challenge will be the death of me
(just kidding), but seriously this better be worth it in the long run. With my
calf strain from yesterday, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do anything too
hardcore, but I needed to make sure that something happened.  So when the alarm finally did go off (10
minutes before the crack of dawn), I got dressed and headed downstairs for some

Treadmill – 30 minutes, 1.85 miles, 421 calories

Now while I was working at my normal pace (somewhere around
3.8 miles/hour), I had a rush of energy and felt like starting my prep for
Wasaga in September. I pumped the speed up to the neighborhood  of 5.2 miles/hour (8.4KM/h, which is just a
little bit faster than the pace I ran Wasaga’s 5KM portion last year) and
hammered two minutes.  Sure, it’s only a
couple of minutes, but it’s the first pushing that I’ve done in a long
time.  I think that I will be adding the up-tempo
portion to my daily treadmill sessions so that I can start prepping for running

I cannot wait to get through work today and make it to
tonight.  Some downtime and relaxation
and a weekend of recovery for the body. 
Hopefully come Monday, the body will be ready to go again for six in a
row (including the BFL final season game).


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