Day Twenty-One and Twenty-Two

Clearly my brain is a scary place to be (especially over the
last couple of days).  The stupid grey
matter won’t let me fall asleep at night and as soon as my eyes open, it makes
sure that I am up.  Come on, it’s a
weekend and I get up five minutes before the crack of dawn all week, do you think
maybe I could sleep in until 10AM? Clearly the answer is no.  I get that there has been a lot going on, but
you are seriously not doing anyone any favors. A mind is a terrible thing to
waste? No, not right.  Have you suffered
a recent head injury?  OK, I did have a
run in with a piece of equipment at the gym (leading with my melon of course),
but still not it.  Your brain is

Re-(wait for it)-Freaking-(wait for it)-diculous…

So I woke up and stared at the ceiling for twenty minutes before
realizing that the only point of this grey Sunday morning was to get up, get
showered and grab a coffee.  I know those
are high aspirations for anyone to have, but this is my blog and if you don’t
like it tune back in tomorrow (actually don’t there will be a point to this).
Where was I, oh right, I headed of for my weekend treat of Starbucks (Grande
Extra Hot, Non-Fat, One Pump SF Vanilla, Americano Misto… OK, I should just be
ordering a large black coffee, but let me have my fun) and upon getting said
java, I decided I needed to walk.

Without any real destination in mind, I started off through
the small side streets and parks that make up the south eastern portion of the
Yonge-Sheppard area.  As dreary as it was
outside, it was actually rather pleasant. There was almost no one in sight for
the first 40 minutes, and those that were out, were very friendly.  About halfway through, I decided that the
north side of Sheppard needed to have some chocolate presence so that’s where I
headed.  Some nice places and some interesting
sites (there’s a turf soccer field less than two blocks from my place and I found
some tennis courts too).

By the time I had made it back to Casa de Choco, I had
covered 5.42KM (based on in one hour exactly.  It was a decent pace and distance considering
I was just out wandering on a spur of the moment. 

Continuing our Lost in Space theme, we would be hearing “Houston,
We have a problem” at this point.  I had
just made the turn to come back home when my brain finally caught up to the
signals that my body was sending (seriously, you guys are connected, how can it
take this long for you to realize everything is not OK).  MY back started SCREAMING.  Not the “Woooooohooooo” we’re at a metal
concert rocking out, but the “OOOOWWWWWWW” make you tear up in shear agony
scream.  Great… Looks like the remainder
of the day will be spent nursing my body on the couch and waiting to make Dr.
Spin cry on Tuesday.

Lost in Beezy

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One Thought to “Day Twenty-One and Twenty-Two”

  1. Dude your waking up earlier because you have more energy,early to bed and early to rise… still not dringking? perhaps some very light easy stretching before going to get that ridiculous java fix might be in order – don't panic, i said light n easy stretching.
    seriously, your mellon lost in a collision to something else, my man….

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