Day Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Sorry for the MIA status, but as I said Eva
gave me some Melatonin drops to help me sleep (due to my stupidly early 4am
wake-ups) and I am a believer.  The drops
don’t help you get to sleep, but boy, oh boy, do they help keep you there.  In the words of Ed Norton’s character from
Fight Club, “Babies don’t sleep this well”. The only drawback is that when the
alarm goes off, I’ve been in no state to actually climb out of bed (physically I
could, but there was no way I wanted too).

I knew though, that I had to get one more workout in this
week, absolutely had too. It was tough to make the gym, but I just couldn’t
bring myself to spin.  For some reason my
legs were still a bit gooey from Monday’s workout (which is odd because it was
the same workout I had done the last couple weeks and I bounced back with no
issues).  I modified the intake of
Melatonin to reduce the amount I used, but even with that, I was still fuzzy
when I woke up.  The good news is that I got
on the road only ten minutes late.

Once I actually made it to GoodLife (there were some
seriously stupid drivers on the road this morning), I made an Executive
Decision that today was going to be cardio, only cardio.  It seemed like the safest play for me because
my right ankle still has some serious issues. 
Edema (swelling), restricted movement and a good smattering of
discomfort (i.e. pain).

Treadmill – 35 minutes, 483 calories, 2.14 miles
Elliptical – 20 minutes, 3,057 strides, 306.3 calories, 126
Avg BPM, 131 Max BPM
‘Ski’ Elliptical – 10 minutes, 179 calories, 1.21 miles

Now today is also a very big day, weigh-in day.  I know it’s not the last day of the month,
but if I spin on Monday, I won’t get a chance to do an official one until later
in May. The results were pretty staggering. 
Now not to toot my own horn, but thanks to a lot of support (you folks
know who you are), I have trimmed a whole lot of weight.  Check out the chart below, it shows where I was,
my lowest spot and where I was at the end of February.
  3/25/08 11/11/09 1/26/12 4/27/12
Weight 357.2 311.8 332.4 319.6
BMI 45.9 40.0 42.7 41.0
Fat % 41.70% 31.90% 35.10% 30.40%
Fat Mass 149.0 99.4 116.6 97.2
FFM 208.2 212.4 215.8 222.4
TBW 152.4 155.4 158.0 162.8
Tomorrow I’m headed to Brantford to play the last game of
the BFL season and hang out with some truly awesome people. If I survive and
manage to get a walk or something in on Sunday, I will be a happy camper.

Have a good weekend.


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