Day Twenty-Four

Clearly is over extended myself on the leg workout
yesterday.  Well, that or my body is
saying that after seventeen days working out this month, it was going to need a
little bit of a break.  It’s not that my
legs hurt that badly (well, my hamstrings were tight enough that I could have
used them as guitar strings), it’s just that I had 0 energy.  I started doing a chest and arms workout and
got about halfway through when I realized I wouldn’t be able to push any more
plates. The mind was willing (maybe), but the body certainly wasn’t able.

Treadmill – 30 minutes, 1.82 miles, 406 calories
Pectoral Flyes – 5×20 @130lbs
ISO Lateral Shoulder Press – 3×15 @55lbs and 2×15 @45lbs
Decline Chest Press – 1×15@40lbs and 4×15 @35lbsElliptical – 25 minutes, 3900 strides, 375.1 calories

I also went and saw Dr. Spin and Eva (@insighthealth)
tonight for a an adjustment and the next phase of my nutritional development (c’mon,
you have to like the sound of that, nutritional development).  The box Eva hooked me up to says that I am
progressing nicely although I still have work to do (aftermath of the super
detox) and that we are ready to do some touch ups and then seal it up.  Dr. Spin on the other hand had his hands
full.  Neck, back, shoulders, arms and
the ever popular ankle need some TLC.  I
was so locked up that he even had one of his new massage therapists work on me
to try and loosen me up.

Wednesday will be an interesting day.  Eva also gave me a spray to help me sleep.  The last week has been pretty tough for me
and my body is exhausted. My sleep/wake cycle is somewhere of the map at this
point, but I have hopes that this Melatonin spray will knock me out.  This is also the reason (I believe why I’m having
trouble with the program, my body isn’t getting enough sleep to heal itself).


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