Day Twenty-Eight

The month of April is slowly winding down and so is the 30
Day Challenge (thank goodness).  Now it’s
not the no alcohol commitment that I’m looking forward to ending, its hardcore
workout schedule.  Now that’s not to say
that I will be shutting down working out, but 75% of a month is a lot.  As I come to the end of April, my body is
pretty beat up.  Over the last couple of
days I’ve been having lower back issues and my right ankle has been ON FIRE!

Dr. Spin has looked at the damaged right wheel (ankle) and
the issue is multi-faceted. The shredded ligaments in the ankle can’t be
repaired by surgery until they are torn all the way.  Also the ‘ball’ on the outside of the ankle
is supposed to glide back and forth, but mine is jammed and when it does move
there is a large amount of friction. Finally there seems to be a return to the
large amount of edema (look out, I’m using medical terms.  Edema is simply swelling).  Grrrreeeeaaaattttt…

Now contrary to ‘wise’ thinking I headed down to Brantford
for the last game of the BFL season.  I
say wise, because I have not gone to many games this year as it is extremely
hard on my body.  I didn’t want to miss
the last game so I sucked it up and laced up the cleats.  Surprisingly I felt very, very good out on
the field. I felt quick and agile (apparently thirteen pounds equals speed) and
while I had to hold back just a little bit because of my ankle, I had a great
workout (and lots of running).

I even had a very decent game.  I had two interceptions and could very well
have had two more, one on a knockdown (on a fourth down) and one on an underthrown
ball (where my legs went out from under me.  I threw for a touchdown and ran for the last
touchdown of the 2012 season. Not too shabby for a defensive lineman trying to
cover some very fast wide receivers.

Finished off the day with the team party and held true to
the no alcohol commitment. There’s nothing like drinking a two liter bottle of
club soda and water.  Later in the
evening, the standard football ache started legs, arms, back and shoulders. I’m
headed back to Toronto (via a visit to the parents and hopefully I will be able
to get a walk in on Sunday).


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