Day Twelve

See what happens when I’m tired.  So the first line of Christian’s message
yesterday was “I’m flying in on the 25th”. Wow, I am some kind of
special.  Once I established that I was
waiting for dinner that was two weeks away (and alerted @Keilshammer that I have
the scheduling issues) I got myself to bed toot suite (more or less). The
GoodLife hat-trick for week number two was going to happen come hell or high

Waking up was not nearly as painful as I was expecting it to
be, although truth be told I really wanted to stay in bed.  That however was not in the cards and since
today was the first Keilhauer Chili Cook-off, I had a crock pot full of
goodness that had to get mobile. I was working with a new recipe that I came up
with yesterday and it was going into the world for its first tasting (and it
did really well, finishing second out of seven).

Chili in hand I was a little bit late setting off and my
total workout time ended up being a little bit shorter than the rest of the
week (logged in at 1 hour, 30 minutes). I cut some time from the cardio and
dedicated myself to keeping the strength portion at a solid length.  I should add that by the time I got to the
gym, I was sure that my legs wanted no part of any kind of workout (can you say
Jel-wait for it-lo).

Treadmill – 25 minutes, 1.47 miles, 331 calories
MTS Row – 4×15 @40lbs ISO
Rear Deltoid – 4×15 @100lbs
MTS High Row – 4×15 @40lbs ISO
Shoulder Press – 5×15 @45lbs ISO
Back Extensions – 4×15 @175lbs (Ran into some low back
discomfort here)
Lat Pulldown – 2×15 @115lbs and 1×15 @100lbs
Recumbent Bike – 30 minutes, 8.22 miles, Random, Level 11, 283
calories, 84+ RPMs

When I was finished, there was absolutely nothing left in
the tank.  My body was well and truly
spent.  I had planned on having a nap
when I got home after work (headed out to a Thai New Year celebration which
includes a water fight… Awesome), but I have the distinct impression that even
with an alarm set, if I hit the pillow, my night would be over.  Sugar Free Red Bull it is then…
Grrrreeeeeaaaaattttt (That’s a sarcastic great BTW).

Not sure the plan for tomorrow, but I will figure something


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  1. Way to go Beez! Proud of you

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