Day Eleven

Welcome to the 74th Hunger Games… May the odds be
ever in your favor…

So can you tell why I was a very tired young man today?  For those of you chuckling to yourselves and
thinking young?? Bite me.  Sorry that was
uncalled for, but I get a bit cranky when I’m over tired.  Naveen came into town last night and we took
in the Hunger Games at the Empress. Surprisingly the movie was very, very good
and for the most part stayed true to the novel (although, the PG rating did cut
out a lot of the gore).

Now with Naveen on the couch, this morning’s egress was a
wee bit challenging. No lights, no noise and no multiple alarms (for fear of
accidentally waking him up).  I did
manage to get on the road five minutes before my normal time, so I did manage a
big thumbs up. Only hiccup in the whole process was that I forgot my wallet and
had to make a trip home on my lunch.

Of course there’s nothing like being tired and having LEG
day all at the same time. Yay me! I started off with the normal warm-up and
then hammered through my series, including pressing a new record (in this
latest round). By the time I was done, there wasn’t much left but a big pile of
warm goo where my legs used to be.

Treadmill – 30 minutes, 1.79 miles, 407 calories
Leg Curl – 5×15 @135lbs
Leg Extension – 5×15 @65lbs ISO
Hip Abduction – 3×30 @250lbs
Hip Adduction – 3×30 @250lbs
Leg Press – 5×20 @315lbs (Check it, 100 reps!!)
Recumbent Bike – 35 minutes, 9.72 miles, 332 calories

This is where the week might get a little bit stupid.  Our good friend Christian just flew in from,
well I’m guessing it’s somewhere 8+ hours away. So if you are keeping score it
means that when I hit the GoodLife again tomorrow I will be running on less
than six hours sleep (again).  If today
was smoke and mirrors (and yet I was oddly focused), I can’t wait to see what
state the ol’ grey matter will be in tomorrow.

PS – Comments have now been opened.

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