Day Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen

Hello Folks, I’m back! It’s been a couple days since I’ve
done any type of serious physical activity, but there is a very good
reason.  My body told me to shut it
down.  Seriously, I was absolutely
spent.  While I was recovering, I did
manage to eat relatively well, participate in a Thai New Year’s water fight/dinner
and manage to begin the spring purge of the condo (and boy was there a lot of
crap that needed to go, including a server that hasn’t been powered on in two

Now just to be clear about the 30 Day Challenge, it involves
30 days of no alcohol and (for me) working out 75% of the days in the
month.  Missing Friday puts me two days
behind the curve (although I will make up one of those during the last BFL game
of the season on the 28th). What the challenge is doing, is getting
me ready for the Ride for Heart, which is happening in a little more than a
month and a half (so excited).  I’ve
almost reached my my fundraising goal, but there is always room for a little
bit more (if you would like to donate, click the banner on the top right of the

Friday afternoon @Keilshammer and I visited the Wheels of
Bloor and dropped of both the bikes (Argon18 and Fisher) to get tuned up in preparation
for some serious riding this summer.  I’ve
already got rides planned with Rick K for Tuesday night’s down the Don Valley
out to the Leslie St Spit and at least one ride with SG and the Brantford folks
out to Paris for breakfast and back. I’m thinking with all that and the 75KM on
June 3rd, I will be racking up the kilometers.

Now with Monday being the flex day, I skipped the morning
workout and hopped on the bike while watching the New York vs. Ottawa game
(which has been some really good hockey). 
Tonight ended up being a 55 minute 18 second ride covering 30KMs (30,
seems to be a theme of today’s post) with an average cadence of 92. My heart
rate averaged a decent 160BPM and hit a maximum of 168BPM.  The numbers all around are ok, but they are
still a little behind the curve if I want to do a sub two and a half hour ride.

Tomorrow is back to the GoodLife,


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  1. Keep up the good work Beez, listening to your body is important. Hugs, L

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