Day Three

Let’s talk about Day Three. 
Without too much hassle I made it out of bed 40 minutes early and even
arrived at the gym with LOTS of time to work out. Crazy isn’t it? After hopping
off the bike last night, I of course had lots of trouble getting to sleep (go
figure, exhausted and can’t sleep). This didn’t make me feel especially motivated
when the alarms started going off at 5:00am but thanks to some serious desire I
was up and moving.

I know I’m excited because I’m still at the beginning of
this segment, but I really want to be successful.  Success unfortunately in this case means that
I will be working hard and getting up stupidly early. Today’s session at the ol’
GoodLife was back and shoulders with legs scheduled tomorrow and chest on Thursday.
The really good part about today was that by the time I got off the treadmill I
had time for a serious round of iron.  By
the time I was done, my muscles were screaming and there was actually a moment
when I thought I was going to chuck.

Treadmill – 27 minutes, 1.56 miles, 360 calories
Rear Delt – 4×20 @115lbs and 3×12@115lbs (Failure after 12)
MTS High Row ISO – 4×15 @45lbs (No Rest)
MTS Row ISO – 4×15 @35lbs
Back Extensions – 3×15 @190lbs
Reverse Close Grip Pulldown – 2×15 @115lbs and 2×15 @100lbs
Seated Row – 4×12 @85lbs
Elliptical – 33 minutes, 4,958 strides, 512.8 calories, 125
Avg. BPM, 135 Max BPM

So if I can still move tomorrow (and even if everything
hurts) I will be headed out early again to go whip the old Beez Machine into
shape.  There are lots of activities
headed this way soon so I will need to be in tip top shape.  End of April brings the end to another BFL
season and May is looking like a Brantford to Paris ride.  Add to that June’s Ride for Heart and you
have a very busy time ahead…


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