Day One and Two

What is this Day One and Two you speak of? Well the story
goes like this, booze has a ton of empty calories and I need to buckle down and
shed some serious weight.  Put two and
two together and you end up with April 2012 being the first ‘Dry’ month in
about ten years for Beezy. Now it’s always easier when taking on a challenge
like this (and yes it is a challenge, think about all the things that you do
socially that involve at least one drink) to have some friends who are willing
to support/take part in it.  So I’m
sending big thanks out to @hoodieruns, @Wardy_, the little Redhead from
Brantford and SG.

Now owing to the Epic Celebrations that closed out the month
of March (aka Beez’s Birthday Party), the workout plan for April 1 kind of went
off the rails.  A late night with some
seriously awesome friends combined with an early morning server crash resulted
in one tired Dude. So thinking it would be far more productive (and smart), I shut
down any workout plans and crawled into bed exhausted (at which point I couldn’t
fall asleep).  That spelled disaster for
the early morning spin.

You know those days when you just don’t want to do anything?
Well today was one of them.  I was in the
vortex of the $hitstorm sweepstakes and never got a chance to get into the
groove.  I had to purchase groceries on
the way home or healthy eating wasn’t going to happen AND I still had to spin.

This is where the good news starts, because as much as I didn’t
want too, I got on Spritz and started pounding away on the pedals.  Now before I give you the stats, which weren’t
completely awesome, you have to appreciate the fact that I do have stats to
give you. The total session lasted 36 minutes and 45 seconds and covered
20.07KMs (not bad, but shorter than normal). 
I burned between 648 and 908 calories depending on what website you ask
with an average heart rate of 152BPM, maxing out at 163BPM.

Now there is one caveat I want to add to the 30 Day
Challenge (and folks that are following along are not subject to it), but I also
want to try and hit workouts 75% of the days of the month.  Sure it sounds ambitious, but hey, why not
aim high?


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