Day Four

And there is the WALL…

It’s funny because this morning it was a whole lot easier to
get up than yesterday.  Out of bed, lunch
packed, breakfast devoured and ready to rock and roll.  Even Mother Nature was in on the action, sky
lightning up and weather just so great. 
I even had oodles of energy once I got changed for the scheduled leg day
(and yes, I used the word oodles).

Now I did some math and it turns out that in order to hit
the 75% goal for workouts this month, it means that I will have to have
activities on 23 of the 30 days in April. 
That is a lot of activity.  It is
inspiring though to see results right out of the gate (mostly thanks to food
intake, or lack thereof), but I’m down two pounds from my last weigh in.  It’s not water weight either, because my intake
has been well over three liters per day.

Treadmill – 30 minutes, 1.74 miles, 400 calories
ISO Leg Extension – 4×15 @70lbs
Seated Leg Curl – 4×15 @130lbs
Hip Abduction – 3×30 @250lbs
Hip Adduction – 3×30 @250lbs
Shoulder Press – 4×15 @45lbs (to give my legs a second to
Leg Press – 5×15 @270lbs
Recumbent Bike – 30 minutes, 8.22 miles, 288 calories

Now this was a pretty good back-to-back series for me with
60 minutes of cardio each day.  As much
as I hate cardio because it is, wait for it, BORING, it will be a major
component of shedding the excess poundage. 
If all my body parts keep co-operating and the days go quickly, I will
be a happy camper.

The only problem with starting out is the ups and downs that
can be experienced in energy levels. 
That’s the wall that I hit today around 3:00pm (to be honest it started
at lunch) and it was bad.  I couldn’t
focus and was having trouble doing anything else. I tried everything to get
moving again, including an apple (yeah, can you believe that, I passed up the
Girl Guide cookies that sat in my department all day and had an apple), but
nothing helped.

Pretty sure it won’t be a late night tonight and tomorrow is
the last GoodLife session of the week (Friday will be a Condo Gym or Spin kind
of day).


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  1. Nice work Beez, keep it up!

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