Day Ten

Well we’ve reached milestone numero uno! The 30 Day
Challenge is 33.3% in the bag as of right now. I know there is still a long way
to go, but let’s take the easy wins where we can get them.  Thanks to some great motivation, I managed to
hop on the bike last night and hit the pre—planned GoodLife session this
morning.  Tomorrow will be the challenge
though as Naveen is in town tonight and we are off to catch the Hunger Games
(Yeah, laugh it up).

Considering I was up a little later than usual, I was pleasantly
surprised to not be a ‘grumpy bastard’ when I climbed out of the nice warm bed I
had been occupying.  Breakfast was maybe
not the healthiest choice as I finished some leftovers from my recent trip to
K-town (BTW, that will be the last time I request fried Red Hots… ever).  Some OJ, Greens+ and some toast and it was
out the door.

Ever since I made the adjustment to my departure time and
increased my workout time, I have been enjoying my workouts a great deal.  I don’t feel like its rush, rush, rush to get
my strength training sets in and I still have time for 60+ minutes of cardio. So
far the results have been encouraging and I have been sticking to the plan. Yay
Me! Ok, I get to give myself a shameless plug every once and a while… Deal avec

Treadmill – 30 minutes, 1.78 miles, 403 calories
Pectoral Flyes – 5×20 @130lbs
Shoulder Press – 4×15 @45lbs ISO
DB Press – 1×10 @30lbs (Right Shoulder Fail)
MTS Incline Press – 4×12 @40lbs ISO
MTS Decline Press – 5×12 @35lbs ISO
Knee Ups – 1×17 and 1×10
Elliptical – 35 minutes, 5,671 strides, 544.4 calories, 141
Avg BPM and 151 Max BPM

Now the plan (just like last week) is to hammer the legs
tomorrow and hit back and arms on Thursday. 
At this moment, Friday is looking like a wildcard (Eye Exam and dropping
the bikes off at Wheels of Bloor), but I am planning to get something done. As
long as my food stays in the realm of healthy then I’m expecting another good
drop on the scale.

See you tomorrow,


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