Welcome to Cardio. Population, This Guy

I will be a happy camper when March is over with. Wait I already
said that.  As we come to a close this
month, I have learned a large number of things in a variety of topics (not all
of which I will be sharing today, but I will give you some important ones). One
of the first is that I am not applying myself enough (not only in my pursuit of
weight loss, but in life in general). 
Second is that no matter what, this whole process isn’t easy and anyone
who tells you differently is trying to sell something.

So Thursday morning the radio and the alarm go off and I have
little to no desire to get out of bed. 
My hips and legs are still a little bit sore from the work I did
changing the snow tires on the two Crawford cars (and as fate would have it, it
will snow this weekend).  Add to that an ankle
that has been aching on and off thanks to Mother Nature and her inability to
pick a friggin season and you have the recipe for not doing anything.

I still pulled myself out of bed because I would be attending
the Street Haven at the Crossroads Gala this evening (and based on the open bar
and finger foods, I will need the exercise). Too bad for me though, I got
started late so it would be an abbreviated gym session. Well what better way to
burn some calories on Thursday morning then to have a Cardio combo platter.

Treadmill – 31 minutes, 1.78 miles, 407 calories

Recumbent Bike – 35 minutes, 9.71 miles, 334 calories

Now given that today (Friday) was a total and complete write
off thanks to the lack of dinner last night and the excess of drinks, I’m
hoping to get a spin in on Saturday morning. The other takeaway that I got out
of last night is that I am no longer 25 and need to start acting that way
(which means the dry month I had been contemplating will be named April). On a
completely unrelated note, I also learned that life is a study in learning and
if you stop learning than you are relegating yourself to mediocrity. I’m still
learning and sometimes the lessons I get are not easy, but I do learn…


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