Day Five

The 30 Day Challenge is a big deal for me and I’m pretty
excited by the fact that I managed to string together 4 solid workouts and that
my body hasn’t failed yet.  It doesn’t
sound like a whole lot, but for me it is a pretty huge deal.  As long as I can keep this going I think I can
be very successful.  According to the ol’
Weight Watchers scale, I’ve dropped five pounds since last Friday!! WooHoo!!

So today is the third GoodLife workout in a row and the last
for this week so I wanted to make sure I finished strong.  Today is chest and arms with a little bit of
cardio (who am I kidding, it will be an hour of cardio on the front and back). All
I needed to produce was a good solid, hard workout.  With all that being said, I have to say that I
feel really good considering how hard I have been taxing my body (both aerobically
and with strength  training).

Treadmill – 30 minutes, 1.78 miles, 404 calories
Pectoral Flyes – 4×15 @130lbs
Shoulder Press – 4×15 @40lbs ISO (Still working to get
shoulder strength)
Seated Alternating DB Curls – 3×15 @22.5lbs and 1×9 @22.5lbs
Bar Giants – 3x 40lbs Straight Bar
Triceps Extensions – 2×20 @70lbs and 2×20 @75lbs
MTS ISO Chest Press – 4×15 @35lbs
Recumbent Bike – 30 minutes, 8.51 miles, Level 11 Random,
307 calories

By the time I hopped of the bike I was done.  No, really, my body was absolutely spent. All
I was looking forward to was a shower, protein bar and pot of tea (wow, that is
pretty lame).  I think for me that
hitting GoodLife three times per week and mixing in some spins and maybe a
cardio session (or two) at the condo is going to be the recipe for success. 

I finished my cleanse today (and I’m pretty happy about
that, because it was really taking the mickey out of me). It was one of the
more difficult things I have done because it affected my stomach (the engine
almost is never queasy and can eat anything, but it was having serious trouble).
My energy levels have been all over the map and there were a couple days were I
was totally knocked out.  I’m happy to be
moving to the next phase.


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