Day Eighteen

So last night was the VIP Rally for the Heart and Stroke
Ride for Heart.  What a great event! It
really gives you a perspective of why you are fundraising.  We met survivors and those who are riding for
loved ones that have been affected by heart attacks or strokes.  Finger foods, 25th anniversary
cake, one fire alarm (due to the unfortunate location of the heat sensor and
some sparklers) and test for me to continue with the 30 Day Challenge (yes, I managed
to only drink club soda).

Now on a healthy side note, @Keilshammer, Andy and I (instead
of cabbing or subwaying) made the trip to the Capitol Event Theatre the good ol’
fashioned way.  That’s right walking.  After a stop at the Rose and Crown for more
club soda and an order of poutine (yes, I know, not a great choice on my part),
the round trip was somewhere around 5.77KM. Just for the record, the walk home
was some kind of FRIGID!

My normal bedtime when I’m training is somewhere around 10pm
(mostly because I’m awake 20 minutes before the crack of dawn) so it was a
really late night by my standards.  This
morning was really, really rough. I did it though (and you can rest assured
that I bitched and complained during the entire wake up process).  The only problem with how I was feeling was
the fact that I was exhausted.  I knew
right out of gate that LEGS was not going to happen, but I wanted to do

RULE #1 (for surviving Zombieland) – CARDIO, CARDIO, CARDIO

Treadmill – 35 minutes, 2.10 miles, 478 calories
Recumbent Bike – 35 minutes, 10.02 miles, 352 calories

Nothing spectacular, but guess what, I made it to the gym
and I actually did something useful.  The
rest of the day wasn’t much better, I had a burst of energy for the first part
of the morning, but by lunchtime I was done. 
No, not done work, just out of gas (although, I was starving for most of
the day).

GoodLife tomorrow (fingers crossed).


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