Once More

March is still here and yes, March is still is being a major
pain in my a$$. As the month drags on, I’m still finding it hard to find the
energy to not only get up, but also to even care about what’s going on.  Actually, that’s not 100% true, I do care,
but as all life changes, this one has had its ups and downs.  Sometimes the downs end up weighing on you
(or as Dr. Spin puts it, “puts the weight of the world on your shoulders”).

Sob story… Over. As I lay
contemplating whether I should roll over and hit snooze, I had a rather deep
(and somewhat depressing) epiphany. For every day that I stayed in bed, I was
cutting the ‘other’ end of my life short. 
Carrying the extra weight, not eating properly, I was short changing my

Wow, deep.

OK, enough of that.  After that cheerful thought, I pulled myself
out of bed and got moving.  It was tough
and I won’t lie, my body is not in tip-top shape right now. My ankles are sore,
my back is sore and generally it’s not good. 
I decided that I needed to take it easy and make thins week cardio,
cardio, cardio.  Warmed up with the
treadmill and closed out with the elliptical. 
In between though, I ran into some serious time management issues. By
time management issues I mean that I got on the floor (and two exercises in)
and realized I had no time for more weights.

Treadmill – 23 minutes, 295
calories, 1.32 miles
Pectoral Flyes – 4×20 @130lbs
Shoulder Press – 4×20 @40lbs
Elliptical – 35 minutes, 5375
strides, 510.2 calories, 135 BPM Avg

Now I know the workout wasn’t
terribly exciting, but the fact is I made it there and did it.  It’s the small steps that get you
rolling.  Now the hard part starts.  Linking these workouts together so that your
body is always burning. 

Wish me luck,


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