On This Date

On this date, Henry V became the King of England, Martin
Luther King led the first successful civil rights march in Selma Alabama and on
the season finale of Dallas J. R. Ewing is shot. The astrological calendar
begins on today under the sign of Aries.  It is World Puppetry Day, the earliest day
which Holy Saturday can fall (???) and Earth Day. Notable births include Johann
Sebastian Bach, Matthew Broderick and on a day in the mid 70’s the writer of
this blog.

Exciting isn’t it?!?

Well to celebrate this greatest of days, I had full rights
to turn right back over, throw the covers over my head and pound the snooze
button until my heart’s content.  That
however, did not happen.  Feeling that I should
at least attempt to start this new year in my life on a ‘high’ note, I decided
my morning would be better spent slogging away some calories in the condo gymnasium.
Yes, condo, as I am currently having a hate affair with GoodLife over the
stupid state of their towel service, but that’s another story.

Now I didn’t feel like getting too wild and crazy, but a
good sweat via a cardio session seemed like the thing I needed to be doing
today.  Hopped onto the elliptical and
set off on a 25 minute adventure.  Well
there is something to be said about working out in humid air (condo A/C in the
gym isn’t on yet), I had a serious sweat going. 
I’m talking football days, shoulder pads and all.  There wasn’t anything crazy on the stat line,
but a respectable 363.1 calories disappeared, I took 3590 strides and had an
average heart rate of 139 BPM (max of 156BPM).

Buzzer goes and I’m off to the treadmill, not for a run, but
a good paced walk with an incline (I’m still feeling the effects of the tender
hip).  Another 25 minutes here and while
the stats aren’t as pretty as they are at GoodLife, I still logged 1.43 miles
and burned 127.8 calories (although at GL this would have been in the 270

As I now attempt to begin the workday, I will leave you with
some closing words about today. 
Basically it’s the Toronto Star Horoscope for you (and my fellow March
21’s, Li, Maya, Jenn x2 and Little Peg)


IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: This year your wit, mental agility and resourcefulness come
together in an unprecedented manner. Whatever you touch seems to work, yet
there is a current of the unexpected that runs through your life. People
recognize your abilities and enjoy tossing ideas at you. If you are single,
romance could be very exciting but unstable. Change is a constant in life that
often creates excitement. If you are attached, the two of you seem to grow
closer together. This is a year that will be instrumental to your relationship.
You might be strengthening the foundations. ARIES is always ready for a

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  1. Happy Birthday Bernie!! All the best.

  2. Happy Birthday buddy! Congrats on getting your butt moving!

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