Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to our
regularly scheduled programming.  First
off, sorry for the absence. Four of the five days this week I woke up with the
full intention of working out, but when I woke up, I felt queasy and very unwell.  The fifth day, well that is ALL GoodLife’s
fault. I showed up at the gym rearing to go when as I walked in I noticed a
note on the door.

“Due to a fire in the laundry room, towel service is
suspended until further notice”

Guess who has towel service and therefore doesn’t pack one
in his bag?  That’s right, this guy right

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, after losing an hour,
relaxing for the first part of the day and watching Lucky Number Slevin. I was
chatting with @Wardy_ and she insisted that I get my butt outside and enjoy the
weather… You know what, you are absolutely correct.  I got dressed and made my way to Starbucks
for a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte (well, you can’t walk on a beautiful day
without something to drink).

I started walking with one destination in mind, making it
all the way to Cranbrooke and back (which is a hike and very hilly).  Stopped in to see Kris, Steve and the
Rhod-meister and hang out for a bit and was even joined by the boys for the
walk back home.  When it was all done, I covered
9.06KM and had a very good day just enjoying the weather.

Now here is where interesting comes into the blog.  Hammer and I enjoyed a nice cold one after
the long walk and relaxed with some TV. 
When he departed for dinner I had to contemplate dinner.  There was a time (last week) where pizza
would have been a go to, but sometimes people come into your life and having
them there makes you want to stick to the changes that you have started.  Instead of pizza, dinner turned into beef
soup with two slices of light rye toast.

Funny how things work out.


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