Friday in a Weird Spot

Well it has been a weird week (and for that matter a weird
year so far).  I know what’s going wrong
with the plan, but I really don’t have any desire (desire might be the wrong
word) to change it.  I have been working
out and spinning pretty regularly since 2012 rolled in, but the weight isn’t
really changing (as you will see below, but I have been noticing changes).  The problem right now is my diet.  I manage to eat fairly well for three or four
days a week, but at some point the wheels just seem to fall off.

Friday rolled in and after having been pretty lazy (ok, not
just lazy, my legs were gassed from the workout on Tuesday) I knew that I had
to get my $hit together and get to the gym. 
It was tough to get out the door and even though I was a couple minutes
late, the fact that I made it at all needs to viewed as a plus.  Once I got on the floor, it was time to work
the back (I have been neglecting it).

Treadmill – 15 minutes, 186 calories, 0.82 miles
MTS ISO Row – 3×15 @40lbs
Rear Delt – 1×20 @120lbs, 2×20 @100lbs, 1×20 @85lbs
Wide Grip Pulldown – 1×12 @105lbs, 2×12 @100lbs
MTS ISO High Row – 4×15 @40lbs
Triceps Extensions – 2×20 @85lbs, 2×20 @70lbs
Elliptical – 35 minutes, 5222 strides, 539.8 calories, 129
Avg BPM, 139 Max BPM

Now I also did my blood pressure while I was working out
today, but based on the results that I got (and the fact I was working out), I’m
not sure how valid the results are.  I
also did a weigh in to see where we stand on the overall goal.  The results were not encouraging (although I do
realize that I haven’t been eating ‘super’ well this month and Thrill on the
Hill did contain a large amount of alcohol (and food).

26, 2012
28, 2012
Fat %
Fat Mass
*BMI is Body Mass Index
*FFM is Fat Free Mass (Bones,
Muscle, Tissue, etc…)
*TBW is Total Body Water

As you can see, the numbers indicate that this experiment is
working… In the WRONG direction.  So with
the evidence at hand, it is time to buckle down and eat properly while not
being a total wanker about getting up and going to the gym.  I need to work harder if I want to be where I
need to be this summer (plus I have some new biking stuff that I need to look
great while wearing).

Hope Everyone had a great weekend (and for those who went to
the bike show that you had fun spending $ and getting geared up).


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One Thought to “Friday in a Weird Spot”

  1. dude, discouraging weight loss and i know how that feels, all that hard work – for nothing! I've heard over my many, many, many years of trying to get back into shape that diet was 60%, 85%, whatever %…i'm convinced now that it is 98% diet and 2% daily active (- does not have to be extreme x games, 300km biking weekends running 20 miles a week -) exercise that will do the trick.
    Why don't you try this experiment for 1 week, borrow a zone diet receipe book (from me if you like), in there they have a 'a week in the zone' outlined for the average man (6', 180lbs) which you of course would alter. Forget the gym (for 1 week) and plan a brisk walk everyday and see what happens. You can follow this for a week, you have no kids to throw a kink in meal plans, if your friends don't support you – "lets go for a drink" – dump them for a week. you will find that you have soo much energy, you might not lose a lot, if any weight in that week – but i bet you lose a pound or 2 – and you will notice your cloths fit a little loser – think bike spandex…..hey, you've got nothing to lose as your current plan has produced a meesly 2 pounds over at least a year.
    call for a chat if you want, i tried the zone week and was blown away, i am just now dusting off the book and revisiting.

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