Who Needs a Walker

Buckle up kiddies, this one is going to be a long one (and
yes I know I didn’t work out yesterday, thank you very much for pointing that
out).  As I lay tossing and turning first
thing this morning, there was a lot going on. 
First off, I’m not sure I should have been doing anything because all
day yesterday (and today) my right hip has been doing its best impression of a
90-year old woman (nothing against 90-year old women).  It basically felt like I was going to
experience total hip failure at any point today and it was an unpleasant

Today is also a big day with regard to my progression with
Eva (http://www.insighthealth.ca/)
and her mission of getting my body firing on all cylinders.  With 1000 being a ‘perfect score’ and Me
starting at 350 in December, over a short period of time we have got into the
940 range. Woohoo! Now begins the more challenging process of detoxifying the
body before we go into maintenance mode. 
Unfortunately the side effects to this could be nasty (including but not
limited to fatigue and a couple other things). Let’s just hope I can keep
fighting through.

Now, onto the German Catt. You sir are 100% correct, diet
(including consumption of alcohol) is a very important part of getting healthy,
but as a decision to go cold turkey, I’m not there yet.  I understand the caloric implications of
drinking and to a lesser extent the eating and poor decisions that go with it,
but it is still a very social activity. 
Now that’s not to say I will not be cutting back (as discussed with Eva)
and I am even thinking of going dry for April (but, that will be decided
later). For me however exercise has to be a huge component of any health plan, because
of my body composition and the activities I enjoy.  True, I am a prime candidate for injury
(being a Klutz of Rockstar proportions), but using only diet is not an option.

Onto today and the struggle to get mobile.  Still hurting and concerned that GoodLife
still might not have towels, I packed one and risked the journey. Sure enough
things were still not back to normal (and with the refund I better be getting) I
got dressed and tried to loosen the hip up. I was not successful.  Today will be an upper body workout.

Treadmill – 25 minutes, 1.41 miles, 322 calories

Pectoral Flyes – 4×20 @135lbs
Shoulder Press – 4×15 @40lbs ISO
Back Extension – 4×15 @175lbs
MTS Decline Chest Press – 4×12 @40lbs ISO
MTS Incline Chest Press – 2×12 @40lbs ISO
Recumbent Bike – 37 minutes, 10.66 miles, 383 calories

Now even with taking it easy, the rest of my day has been a
straight up nightmare.  It hurts to sit.
It hurts to stand up. It hurts to walk. 
Basically it hurts.  Now is this
the injury? The injury you ask? Well every time I start trying to get healthy,
something happens that sends me off the rails. 
I’m not going to let this be that injury.  I am going to keep working out, but I am
going to focus on taking it easy (spinning).

Again, thanks to everyone who comments, emails or BBMs.  You guys are the reason that I’m still trying
to put one foot in front of the other. 
Your support makes this PITA (pain in the a$$) process a little easier
to bear.

Sappiness Complete.


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  1. hey bro, its not just diet, walking – alternating between fast and slow pace – for as far as you can, at a good pace, falls very much under the 'exercise' catagory. Booze, cold turkey anything hurts, moderation…non beer…that's the ticket. Sore hip and spinning sounds painful. are you over training? when you say spinning are you referring to those tiny, uncomfortable bikes at the gym or are you on a trainer at home? treadmill, dude – really? borrrring….warm weather is upon us and soon we will be out in the sun feeling good, you hang in there!

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