Dr. Spin is Crying… And So Am I

Well the plan came together this morning just like it was
supposed to (sort of). I got up at the designated time, but it did take a
little bit of time to get my body up and moving.  I remembered to start with Greens+, had a ‘healthy’
breakfast and got out the door ahead of schedule.  Now, I’m not sure what was up with people
today, but there were a couple of gems on the road and they managed to mess up
what would have been a record commute to the gym.

Again, I digress…

I rolled in and decided that today was going to be another
leg day. I started off with a little extra time on the treadmill to get warmed
up and then right to the racks.  Now there
seems to still be a timing issue for me. I’m getting the required amount of
cardio in, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to really get crazy
pumping iron.  Looks like I will have to
head back to the drawing board.

Treadmill – 25 minutes, 1.41 miles, 316 calories
Leg Extension – 4×15 @60lbs
Seated Leg Curls – 4×15 @130lbs
Hip Abduction – 3×30 @250lbs
Hip Adduction – 3×30 @250lbs
Leg Press – 4×20 @270lbs
Recumbent Bike – 30 minutes, 8.59 miles, 307 calories

After work I had to go visit Dr. Spin.  My shoulders and my back have been a mess for
the last month.  I don’t know what the
deal has been, but I have been a big hot mess. 
I told Dr. Spin to buckle up for my arrival, but I’m not sure he under
stood just how bad it was. After screaming and crying (from him) and some
colorful language (from me), I was in some serious pain.  My shoulders and chest were so tight that
upon their release I signed up for a doozy of a headache (awesome, make sure
you listen for the sarcastic tone).

There’s another snowstorm scheduled for the morning commute
so it looks like on the day that only happens once every four years, I will be
going to the gym…


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