Well That Didn’t Help

Well that happy, shiny little bubble that was glowing in me
as a result of a fun weekend, great Sunday and guilt induced workout on Monday
has certainly burst.  As the rest of the
week rolled on, I fell behind with my MyFitnessPal diet log on several
occasions, had two great dinners and then a seriously non-joyous day at the big
K.  Seriously, there was a point when all
those ideas from the summer roared back up and I was prepared to pack up and
join a hippie commune in Arizona.

Ok, so maybe not a hippie commune, but for those in the know
(and for those who aren’t, sorry for the secretive and round about start to
this post) I was ready to pull the trigger (not literal) and make the change
that had been in discussion.

Friday dawned and I knew that I had been not only lazy but
very unhappy this week and was trying to decide if it was because of events or
because I hadn’t been keeping up with my routine.  So after many late nights and questionable
food choices, I got packed up for a weekend outside of the Big Smoke (with
stops in Fergus and Kitchener) grabbed the gym bag and headed to Goodlife.

It was far from the most strenuous workout that I’ve ever
had, but it felt good to be able to disconnect the old ‘think tank’ and just mindlessly
push the plates to burn away some of my frustration. I was feeling a bit
sluggish, but tried to turn in an upper body workout (including some shoulders
because they have been screaming at me for the last month and Dr. Spin will
have his hands full on Tuesday)

Treadmill – 23 minutes, 1.27 miles, 283 calories
Pectoral Flyes – 4×20 @ 125lbs
Shoulder Press – 4×15 @35lbs ISO
ISO Lateral Bench Press – 3×15 @38lbs
Decline Press – 3×15 @35lbs ISO
Recumbent Cycle – 37 minutes, 9.07 miles, 85+ RPMs, 272

Now Friday night I’m off to see Ms. Becca for some overdue shenanigans
and then Saturday night in the Family Command Center with Ivy, Rob, Carter and
Cooper (and Pauly G, Jen and OMG). Sunday will be Family Day in Kitchener and then back to the grind.  I’m
really going to try and get back into the swing of things Monday morning with a
spin on Spritz.

Now for your PSA from Beezy. 
Below is a link similar to Fireball that the lovely Ms. Shannon is
putting on March 29, 2012 at the 5th Club.  It’s a charity event in support of Haven at
the Crossroads and the good work they do supporting women in need.  If you feel like a night out that will be
packed with activities, food and great people (all supporting a fantastic
cause), click the link below for tickets.  https://secure1.gettickets.ca/Redeem/Regular/SelectTickets.aspx?id=b7e82ced-3bdd-4cf7-b47b-13ae972b7079&locale=en-CA


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One Thought to “Well That Didn’t Help”

  1. dude, the fitnesspal logging system does not work, stop wasting your time. everything in moderation and put the booze away for a few months – think of all those calories you'll be saving…think about it and keep your eye on the prize bernzy. Want to keep a worthwhile stat? log how many drinks you have in a 7 day period – no execeptions – and then add up the calories, then calculate how much dr. spin time you will need to balance out – not too lose weight but just to stay even…you will be shocked and i bet you lose 10 – 15 pounds once you stop.

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