Ride For Heart & The Three Quarter Mark

So it has been a really long time since I hopped on the
spinner and did some prep for the Ride for Heart.  Trust me, I have the sore a$$ to prove
it.  It looks like I’m adding a new pair
of bike shorts and a seat to my list of things to buy at the Bike Show this
weekend.  Now after the debacle that was
last week, I wasn’t feeling really great about where I was (and my mood has
been severely affected as a result). 
Only thing you can do in a situation like that is change it.  Well that and get some help from one of the
bloggers I follow @LifeAfterBagels, who got in a 30KM training session this
weekend (it was enough to make me feel a bit guilty about not working as hard
as possible).

So  tonight I got home
and instead of vegetating on the couch, I got caught up on Hawaii Five-0 and
set about to a heart-to-heart with Spritz. 
I really don’t remember the seat being that brutally uncomfortable and
after 43 minutes I couldn’t take anymore. 
23KM down (but not the 30KM I was originally shooting for)in a respectable
time, but nothing stellar.  When you work
it out though it translates to a sub 2hr 40min 75KM.  Yes, I can definitely live with that time if I
can translate it to the Ride.

Speaking of the Ride, I have just about reached $1,800 (on
the way to $2,500+) thanks to some very generous donors.  Not a bad total considering that it’s only
February and I have until June. If you are still looking for a great cause (and
it is Heart Month), just click the link below to help me reach my goal.


To wrap up the stats from tonight, I finished with an
average BPM of 159 and I maxed out in the neighborhood of 169BPM.  Those totals are OK, but there is always room
for improvement.  If I can keep somewhere
near those numbers (or below) I should be in good shape for June. The focus
this week will need to be on food intake.  My portions have been very up and down (mostly
up) and I haven’t been making all the best choices, but I am attempting to
correct this.

Back to the gym tomorrow,


PS – german catt, your comments have been noted, but at this
time I don’t want to give up the social side of drinking right now, but I will
be watching my intake.  As for the food
tracking, this has become a family event and helps to keep me accountable.  For now, I will keep the status quo and I will
evaluate in 30 days’ time.  Thanks for

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