Things I Would Rather Be Doing

Happy family Day for those of you that are residing in
Ontario.  Like the title says I would
rather be doing a lot of other things than working out (and truth be told even
blogging).  The list is so long that I can’t
even begin to write it down or I would be here all night.  After spending the day in Liberty Village and
helping Katherine E. Fera celebrate her 35th birthday (which
resulted in a late arrival time at home), I slept in and did not want to do
anything for the rest of the day.

That’s where it went horribly wrong. I posted a question on
my BBM… Should I?

Ms. Linda responded that I should, so I got dressed and
headed down to the condo gym (with brand new floors and two new treadmills). Now
I wasn’t uber motivated today, but once I was there, I knew that I had to at
least make an attempt at doing something useful.  My legs were sore but I decided that today
would be a cardio day.

On the elliptical for 35 minutes (including a five minute
cool down) using the interval program. 
Once I got into the grove, I finished with an average heart rate of
137BPM and a max topping out around 150 BPM. 
I totalled 546 calories burned on the happy side of par and logged
somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,078 strides.

I was so stoked to get moving (granted it took a while to
get started) that I had a quick shower and headed out to Starbucks.  I acquired a Beez Americano Misto and went
for a nice little walk around the neighborhood. 
So somewhere around 30 minutes and 1.90KMs and I found myself back at
the condo to prep meatloaf for the weekly boys night with Spanky.


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  1. how about an update on the weight loss bernzy, still at 335?

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