Not So Awesome

Well Day Two didn’t start out as well as Day One. I was up
relatively early and ready to, not face the day, but to throw up.  Wait, did you party too much Beezy? No sadly
not.  I woke up about 5am and for about
20 minutes, I was pretty sure I was gonna toss my cookies (I know, disgusting,
but vital to the story telling).  Now all
of this nastiness was not as a result of excessive drinking or partying which
is I know what you thought off the bat. 
Nope, my stomach was seriously upset and I don’t know why.

Headed out with Rick for the first runs of the day and right
off the lift I caught an edge and went straight down on my knee.  It sucked. Straight through to the ice that
made up the base.  WOW! That is going to
leave several marks and a whopper of a bruise. 
I could already feel my knee swelling (and I’m thinking, awesome, the
part of my body I fall on is now hurt). 
We headed down the run and I don’t know if it was me or the ‘icy’
conditions (it was probably me) but I was toe-side and slid out again right
back onto my knee.


Well now I can’t touch it and it won’t bend.  Let’s safely assume that this will conclude
today’s snowboarding.  Barely even got
warmed up. Oh well, the day wasn’t a total loss, there was a World Cup
Snowboard-Cross Event on and I walked over the entire village over the course
of the rest of the day.  I met up with
the boys and toured the village from North to South.

On to Day Three,


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