Greatest Boarding Day Ever

Well there were a bunch of interesting things that happened
today.  Tuesday night I turned down drinking
and bar-hopping with Den and Jim (I know, can you believe I turned down
drinking?) to go to bed early so that I could get out on the hill first thing.  As crazy as it sounds this might have been
the best decision ever because when the alarm clock went off I was up bright
eyed and bushy tailed.

Everything seemed to be coming up Beezy because when I headed
out the shuttle was waiting for me and even though he was supposed to go to
North, the driver dropped me off at South. 
Was on the hill at 8:35a, so early that my favorite run (Waterfall) wasn’t
even open yet. Hit Little L and then off to the Waterfall.  I was up and down like a madman for the next
two hours, no lineups and no stopping (ok, I stopped long enough to tweet).

Just me and my iPod and the hill.  It was the first time I had just been out by
myself in a long, long time and it was pretty good. I started to really get in
a groove there, working on getting the fundamentals right. Carving left,
carving right, toe-side and heel-side, everything was flowing and feeling

And that’s when the Man upstairs decided to remind me not to
get cocky…

Caught and edge, and laid out spectacularly. I’m pretty sure
that I was upside down at one point. It was pretty sweet! I kept boarding
though and Denis FINALLY showed up on the hill around 10a. On the second run
down with him (Right after he asked if I had a few more runs in me), I started
down and had some troubles. My legs were burned out and I tried to turn, but my
legs were not responding…


That was my queue to shut it down. If I kept going, it would
have only been a matter of time before I hurt myself or someone else.  Headed back to the ranch for a hot tub to try
and ease the pain and a night out partying with the boys.

Back on the hill first thing,


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