It’s Nice To Be Appreciated

Wow, there is so much to talk about tonight, I hope I can
get it all in before I crash.  So when
the alarm went off this morning, the day that dawned was my 8th
anniversary working for the Big K (Keilhauer). 
Eight years have gone by already? Can you believe 2,920 days since I first
showed up to a new job after quitting Windmill and turning down Canada Customs?  My VP Barry came to wish me happy anniversary
and so did Rick, VP of Manufacturing. 
Rick even cared enough to email my Mother and tell her and express that
they were happy to have me (or that’s what I gather from the gushing email I got
back from Momma).

So tonight I was scheduled to meet up with Gina, Dave and
Elio (good friends from Rye high) and head out to dinner at Joey’s (I have
never been there). Since it was my anniversary (although I didn’t think of it
at the time), I bailed on this morning’s session and went back to sleep.  Thanks however to the three aforementioned,
we were able to push the rezzo back half an hour and I sped (not more than the
speed limit) home and forced myself onto the bike for a 40 minute session.

It was not over quickly…

I did not enjoy it…

My legs were still a smoking hot pile of goo after yesterday’s
round of legs and 40 minutes of pedaling was the last thing they really wanted
to be doing.  That being said, we did it
anyways.  Now because of the stress on
the ol’ pins, I didn’t crank the tension, but turns out I still got a great
sweat (and workout) in.  RPM average came
in at 89 which is just under optimal and my heart rate was 146BPM average with
a peak of 153.  20.95KMs of spinning
which seems to be down a little from the previous ones, but I did cut it off
right at the 40 minute mark so that’s easily explained.

It was great catching up with Gina, Dave and Elio and we don’t
do it nearly enough (but we have said we will try and make it more often). Although
I’m currently very stuffed from tonight’s meal, I don’t think the damage was too
bad to the overall health goals.

I would keep going but my eyes are having trouble focusing…


Oh, wait.  I wanted to
leave you with some words of wisdom before I go…

“Never try to be anyone that you’re not. Just be who you
would be if you were sitting at home in your pyjamas and everything will work
itself out.”  ~ Gina 

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  1. I totally agree with Gina!! Life is the best when you are being yourself!! 🙂 PS Can I see you soon??? PLEEEEEASE

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