It’s Amazing What a Month Can Do

So I’m in week number four of the training and health cycle
and I have to tell you, I feel pretty outstanding.  I feel like I have more energy and while I haven’t
noticed any drastic weight loss or changes in my clothing fit, I know it’s only
a matter of time. Mornings while not always ‘pleasant’ are at least becoming
more tolerable with regard to the wake up time.

This morning was one of those good mornings. You know the
kind that don’t totally and completely suck. 
There were some power issues at my building last night so I was left to
depend on my alarm clock only (it has a battery backup) and do the manual
tuning to 680news.  Dressed pressed
(lunch packed) and out the door right on time and with the absence of people on
the road, at the gym a couple of minutes early.
So contrary to what I wrote about a couple of posts ago,
today I decided to work legs.  Yup the
legs that were getting all that activity while spinning and doing cardio were
going to get a little bit of a kicking. 
Now I know that I can’t go ‘super’ hardcore, but I need to give them
enough of a workout so that the muscles remember who’s in charge.  That’s me for those who aren’t paying

Treadmill – 18 minutes, 223 calories, 0.99 miles
Leg Extensions – 3×15 @70lbs ISO
Seated Leg Curl – 3×15 @115lbs
Hip Abduction – 3×30 @250lbs
Hip Adduction – 3×30 @250lbs
Leg Press – 4×20 @180lbs
Recumbent Bike – 35 minutes, 312 calories, 9.03 miles, Level
10/11, Random Program

Overall pretty good and considering the last time I worked
out legs hard (Day One back at the gym) I nearly tossed my cookies and my legs
hurt so bad I didn’t work out again for THREE WEEKS. Tomorrow will be an
interesting decision, gym or spin?  It
will be game time, but I am leaning towards a spin just to take things easy and
then do a gym cardio session to cap off the week.

Do You have any big plans for Superbowl?


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