Shouldering On…

Well I will say one thing about an evening on the spinner,
once you fall asleep you are O-U-T. The radio went off but I missed the first
five minutes and when the alarm went off there were a couple of snoozes.  I still managed to drag my but out of my warm,
comfy bed and get out the door and headed to the gym.  Now there was some extra motivation, with
last night’s snow, I wanted to make sure I was on the road before the crazies.

Once I did make it to the gym, it was smooth sailing
(although it was really busy today) on the machines.  A nice little warm-up on the treadmill, some
chest exercises (and some shoulder, but the right one was giving me some issues
so a visit to Dr. Spin is in order) and hardcore session on the total body
elliptical (the one with the poles that move, kind of like cross country skiing).

Treadmill – 18 minutes, 227 calories, 1.01 miles

Decline Press – 3×15 @35lbs
Incline Press – 3×15 @35lbs
Shoulder Press – 3×15 @40lbs
Flyes – 4×20 @115lbs
Triceps Extensions – 3×15 @65lbs
MTS Row – 3×15 @40lbs
Elliptical – 35 minutes, 661 calories, 4.57 miles

I was feeling pretty pumped today and time seemed to just fly
by, but there was an issue with the shoulder. 
It’s a stupid situation, during some ranges of motion, I just lose all
strength and the arm collapses. Funnily enough I don’t seem to be the only one
with this problem, Doon has the same symptoms. Speaking of Doon, went for lunch
with my brother from another mother and thought I was eating relatively well at
Kelsey’s, but it turns out that wasn’t the case.  I had a small ceaser salad, side of fries and
(get this) a grilled cheese sandwich with pulled pork. AWESOME… Until I looked
up the nutritional facts online.  How
does that end up being 1,400 calories? 

Moral of the story is to be careful when eating out because
even if it looks ok it’s probably not. 
The goals for the week are another two gym sessions and a spin leading
up to the spectacle that is Superbowl.


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