So this morning I lost the motivational battle (and the one
against both radio and alarm) to clear the sheets and get a morning spin
in.  It was so much easier to just roll
over and carry on with the snoozing until it was time to get ready for
work.  I did vow that I would come home
and I would get a spin in to keep on the training schedule (especially because
last week was only a three… two gyms and a spin).

And then winter came to Toronto…

Now I know it’s been a pretty mild winter (understatement),
but come on people, it’s five CENTIMETERS of snow.  The way people were driving, it was like we
were in the center of Snowmageddon IV. 
After grabbing a bite after work (I’ve had Jack Astor’s Chicken Fingers
on the brain since Saturday afternoon’s return trip from Buffalo with my
Sister) I fought the 401 home.  I must
say, if it hadn’t been for the clown in the grey minivan who didn’t understand
the concepts of winter driving (like if you can’t do it, stay off the 401) I would
have been home sooner and in a better mood.

Winter and poor drivers are not a reason to be a potato

So after fighting a brief battle against crashing on the
couch (and some no game show where people drop through the floor… very
entertaining), I threw on Big Trouble in Little China and started hammering on
the pedals.  Shockingly it was no problem
getting the heart rate up and getting the RPMs and tension to the right
spot.  It happened so fast I almost had
to pause to try and figure out what the heck was different today.

The session lasted 40 minutes and covered 21.55KMs as the
crow flies (yes as the crow flies, there are no hills on a spinner).  I had an average BPM of 148 and maxed out
somewhere in the neighborhood of 162.  It
felt really good (and fast) today which is a good sign since the Ride for Heart
75KM route will be the farthest I’ve ever cycled in one sitting and my sub
three hour goal is a pretty small window for a big dude.  I even averaged a 91 for RPMs which is over
what Dr. Spin was recommending for me.

Gym tomorrow if I can get through all the snow…


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