Where Are You Guys????

What the hell?  I’ve been gone for just under two weeks and not a peep of concern??  That might make me feel like you guys don’t care anymore, but it’s been strangely quiet on the blogging front (isn’t that right @hoodieruns and @Wardy_)? Everybody seems to have dropped off the map, but I hope that just means that you guys have been too busy to blog and not that you have been eating bon bons.  I mean bon bons are probably excellent, I mean as far as bon bons go, but there is a limit.

Now before you say I’m being high and mighty, here’s where I’ve been.  In a nutshell (not literally, but figuratively), I had to take a couple days off after my first Goodlife session, because like a moron I got excited and over did it.  First session back and I think I’m a chunky negro version of Sylvester Stallone.  Needless to say my body reminded me that I’m not.  My hamstrings were so tight, at one point I wasn’t sure I would be able to walk.  After they settled down, I ran straight into hell week.  My boss on vacation and me pulling 16 hour days.  Not good (interesting, but me being awake Friday was all smoke, mirrors and coffee).  See my work below:

So last night I headed down to see Spanky for our semi regular Monday Night Football Night that rarely includes football.  We headed out to Real Sports to get caught up and have a drink (mostly because Spanky’s response upon me walking in was “I don’t have any food.  No beer and no mix.”).  What he did have was Jack Daniels and some good conversation (lots of details got straightened out).  However it did lead to some over indulgence (pulled pork nachos and poutine) and a couple of beers.  On the way home I had a heart to heart with him about his health and the fact that he drives to work (when he can see SkyDome… I mean the Rogers Centre from his building).  I told him that just walking to work could help him drop 15 pounds in less than a year.

So in honour of my saintly advice, I got my shit together and got out of bed this morning.  It wasn’t pretty and I didn’t enjoy it, but I did do it.  No gym, but a session on the bike and a chance to catch up with last night’s episode of Castle on the PVR.  Feeling that I should put my money where my mouth was I even extended my normal session by 20 minutes and upped the tension to increase my normal heart rate.

One hour total with an average cadence of 89RPMs covering a WHOPPING 31.38Kms.  Now here is where the numbers may get a bit freaky for you, so brace yourselves.  My average BPM was a staggering 160 with my max topping out in the area of 184.  No yes those are high, but they are actually still within my zones (albeit the top end of zone five) and I did feel really good during the duration of the workout.

Tomorrow and Friday look to be Goodlife Days, sandwiching another spin session and some BFL on Saturday…


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