Welcome Back to The Goodlife

Well Kiddies, there has been a small gap since the workouts last Friday and there were good reasons for a couple of them. I have about four big projects on the go at work and some of them are being jammed into pretty small windows (that’s timelines for you wiseass’s out there) and I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Big K (Sunday was especially tough because Philly and I were running a bunch of cable).  Now that’s not to say there wasn’t a little bit of drinking going on (and there was) and while the food choices weren’t always the best, they weren’t awful.
Now Tuesday evening I bit the bullet and joined (actually to be perfectly honest, it’s re-joined) Goodlife Fitness.  The deal ended up trumping the YMCA and when it comes down to it, the condo gym is great in a pinch, but just didn’t offer enough machines for weight training.  For me that’s working the ‘big’ muscle groups (Quads, Chest, Back…) because building them up with lean muscle mass helps to increase the amount of calories that you burn day-to-day.  Sure it involves a little upkeep, but it’s the most bang you can get for your buck.
Now I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I hate the gym. Not the gym itself, but being in a stupidly busy gym.  That’s where working out first thing in the morning becomes the key.  Once you get outside and get moving it really helps get you moving.  It will be tough, but when evaluating my weight loss, mine really slowed down when I left and stopped working out on a daily basis.
So Wednesday morning rolls around (earlier than normal because I need to work in travel time now) and surprisingly I’m up, out of bed and moving.  Travel was even better than I thought and I was rolling. I was trying to get my body to remember what working out was really like (and let’s be honest, it was not happy about it at all).  Warmed up on the treadmill and then started getting the legs moving and they were not happy about it in the least.  I was feeling the burn right off the get-go and was struggling to make sure I completed the sets using good form (ok, sometimes it wasn’t good, but merely ok).
When I got to the end of the rotation (MTS Row), I was actually feeling like I was going to toss my cookies.  I haven’t had that feeling since we did something stupid while playing high school football and Coach got pissed and made us run modified suicides. To put what he did in perspective, if the numbers are yard lines, we started at the goal line and did the following: 5. 5, 10, 5. 5, 10, 15, 10, 5. Yeah we continued that pattern to the opponents 30 yard line.  Well here I was thinking there might be a cleanup in aisle three and I decided to hop on the bike instead of the elliptical.
The full workout is posted in the dailymile widget.
Going to attempt a spin tomorrow to put the yearly total over 900k.

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