The End of 2011

Good evening bloggies!  This post will be relatively short (and without the use of spellcheck… yikes) just to make sure that this post falls into the correct calendar year. 

I packed up this morning and headed to Brantford for the last BFL game of 2011 (and what looks to be my last one for a while). It was rather touch and go as Toronto was hit with freezing rain last night and the roads flat out sucked.  I wasn’t sure if i would be even able to make an attempt at the trip.  Thankfully by the time I got on the road, the weather had warmed up and the salters had been out so it was a relatively quiet trip.

It started off as a great game, teams evenly matched and a good deal of running (my legs were dying because of the work put in to get to 1,000KM).  The ground wasn’t even swampy or mushy.  However the field is not what you would call level.  About halfway through the game (about the time I figured out I shouldn’t be throwing because my shoulder was on fire), I was running a ‘Go’ route when i miscalculated on the dip and FUBAR’d my friggin ankle again.  THAT’S IT!  This needs to be addressed Jan 2, 2012.  Brutal pain in places that shouldn’t be hurting.

Of course I kept playing…

Finished the game with an INT and a TD throw, wrapped around lots of hustle (but that was it).

I hope Everyone has an Ah-wait for it-MAZING New Year’s Eve and all the best for 2012.


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  1. get some ice on that ankle would ya, elevate and take a break with the running thing for a few months so you can rebuild strength and heal. if ya don't your definately headed for surgery broseph.

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