From Toronto to Norfolk Virginia

Well kiddies that is a big check-mark for me. With today’s little exercise session on the recumbent bike, measuring 12.5 miles (20.12KMs using the Queen’s Metric System), I eclipsed the 1,000KM total for the year 2011 (it’s actually 1,003KM, but who’s counting).  To put that into perspective for you, that’s like trekking from Toronto all the way to Norfolk Virginia (passing Washington DC and waving at President Obama on the way).  That is friggin far…

Today didn’t look like it was going to start out too well on the exercise front though.  I woke up early, had had a decent breakfast and then proceeded to do absolutely bupkiss. Around noon I head down to Dr. Spin’s off to collect the remaining three bottles of drops and jar of pills prescribed by Dr. Eva and made it home despite the best efforts of the TTC.  With a dinner appointment with Ace, Lori and Izzy, I knew that if I didn’t get it in before 5pm, than there was a good chance it wasn’t going to happen.

3pm rolls around and in a fit of energy, I grab the shorts and clip into Spritz.  STOP!!! Wow, I didn’t realize my rear end took such a beating during last nights’ 45KM ride.  I couldn’t even sit in the saddle (even with the extra Gel seat added). Now what?  I need 18KMs to finish the 1,000 and I need to do it NOW.

Change the shorts to standard gym fare and book it downstairs to find the recumbent bike free and the clear.  Hop on and right away discover that the features on this piece of machine were really thin.  Ok, manual it is and lets’ try and keep the RPMs up.  No averages here, but based on the numbers that were scrolling through, it looks like my average was between 82-88 RPM.  Not ideal I know, but give me a break, this isn’t a spinner and it was a struggle the whole ride.  I was also having trouble getting the heart rate up, but I finished with a 130BPM average and a max in the neighborhood of 144BPM.

It seriously felt like I was never going to get to the magic number, but I kept my head down and kept pounding away.  I’m still having issues with my right ankle, but I guess that is to be expected.  Tomorrow I’m headed to the last BFL game of the year and hopefully a post to follow.

Enjoy the holiday!


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