Breaking The Ice And Tebowing

Happy New Year!!

I hope this first post of the New Year finds you all well. I know it has been a while since you have heard from me, but I have been trying to rest my ankle (which has been inflamed to the point that I had to break out several does of Aleve) and wait for the ‘Resolution’ crowd to clear out so I can get back to the gym.  That sounds really callus to say, but that’s why I gave up resolutions, they always fizzle out in the end (lifestyle changes people).

I have started on the second half of drops and pills from Dr. Eva and I have to say that they taste terrible and I don’t feel nearly as awesome as I did while taking the first batch.  I’m still keeping up the regime (only missed one pill and one set of drops in over a month), but it is starting to wear.  Hopefully when I’m in to see her again next week it will be for a meal plan and eating instructions.

So this morning the two stage alarm was in full effect, radio at 5:20am and alarm at 5:30am.  Unfortunately by the time I managed to un-snooze (definition of un-snooze, the point at which a person climbs out of bed after multiple presses of the snooze button on your alarm clock), it was a little after 6:00am. It was tough because out of the last seven days, four of them were unbelievable sleeps and very difficult wake ups. Up and out of bed dressed and ready to hop on Spritz.  I picked up some new biking accessories while in Kitchener for a surprise visit to the parents and I have two words…


Thank You Enzo! It was a tough round of sledding this morning, no energy and really breathing hard after the first ten minutes. It was pretty tough, my BPM were really high, 171 max and an average of 158 (hey, I get it, it’s high, but well above the 0 which it will be if I don’t do this). By the time I got finished I had managed to get my RPMs up to 88 and even that was a challenge based on today’s struggle.  The session lasted 40 minutes (one episode of Castle with no commercials) and by the time it was said and done, the first 20.88KMs of the New Year were in the books.  About Time.

Finished, I hopped off the bike and got into the Tebow, but I’m not sure if I was cramping up or just happy to be alive and finished (speaking of Tebow, I would like to thank him for royally messing up my playoff pool this weekend… a$$hat… and well played). Tomorrow we are shooting for the gym.


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