See You Guys, You Never Believe Me. I Said There Was Gonna Be Buried Treasure.

So I we sat at dinner last night at Earl’s (which is awesome yet strangely packed until very late on a Wednesday night), the topic turned to working out and running (oh, and @hoodieruns little incident involving a rabbit, the cute fluffy kind). @Wardy_ looked at me oddly when I said that I was newly motivated.  I couldn’t say where the motivation came from, but it certainly wasn’t hate the time. @Keilshammer let the comment go, but as I said, I am newly motivated (so @Wardy_ this is me sticking me tongue out).

All of that being said, it wasn’t an easy move this morning.  When the alarm started cackling at 5:40am, the first thought wasn’t “Rise and Shine”, but if I snooze a couple of times, life will be much happier, there will be world peace and everyone will love each other.  Well once the daze of the four pints and the Bronx burger faded (amazing burger by the way), I realized that this feeling of awfulness that I currently have about my appearance will not go away on its own.

Legs over the side and on the way we go.  Dressed, water bottle in hand, iPod blaring and ready to rock and roll. Shockingly there were actually people in the condo gym today, but thankfully the elliptical was free (which is lucky because the other one is down for repairs).  Now the planned workouts for the next couple of days will be strictly cardio, just until I’m back at Goodlife (which is scheduled for Wednesday next week).

Today was your standard 40 minute session (35 minute program and 5 minute cool down), but we went with a different program. My standard is the Interval one, but today, just to be fancy it was the Gluteus one. OOOOhhhhhhh you say? Well it was actually similar to the Interval program, but the time between the actual sections is much larger (there are other differences, but I don’t have all day).  There was no trouble getting the heart rate up today, with an average BPM of 137 and a maximum of 164.  5730 strides (which is about 200 more than normal) and 595.7 calories I had a good sweat going on.

I made it back to Casa de Chocolate and did some stretching of the hamstrings and quadriceps (which were exceptionally tight) and because @Keilshammer was talking about kettlebells, I did three sets of 15 reps kettlebell pull-ups.   All that was done using a 25lb bell.

Welcome to the back half of the week peeps!


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