One for the Money

So it’s been an interesting couple of days. I missed working out this weekend due to some stupid head cold. The body wasn’t up for doing anything uber crazy, but I did manage to figure some important things out. Let’s recap.

1)      @hoodieruns I was all over joining the Y until fate intervened yesterday.  To join the Y it was $104 a month and an initiation fee of $139 dollars.  That’s $243 for one month.  Cue up Goodlife who have a sale on and let me know that $54 a month including towel service and no initiation fee.  Point Goodlife, basically five months for the price of one.

2)      I’ve scheduled a visit with a RNCP to figure out what I need to do with regards to my diet.  I’m scheduled to visit her December 13.

3)      I am feeling very motivated

I visited Dr. Spin last night to repair some damage to the old chocolate body.  It was tough sledding for me the last little while.  I haven’t been able to check my blind spot without my neck seizing up.  It’s been crazy painful.  Once Dr. Spin was finished crack and snapping the various components that were locked up, I felt like I million bucks.  I got home and FINALLY realized that the way to get me working out, was to make it as easy as possible.

I moved some furniture prior to going to bed and get Spritz ready to rock and roll first thing in the morning (I would have spun last night, but the body was so happy to be fluid again, it was ready for bed). BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. 5:45am alarm clock. Me, up, changed and ready to go at 6:00am.  Here’s where it got complicated, I didn’t know what to watch.  Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, rerun of Castle…  Decisions, Decisions.

Queued up the first episode of Grimm and started pumping the pedals.  It was tough sledding for the first 20 minutes.  My body remembers how to bike, but it doesn’t really like the layoff. When it was all said and done, it was a 44 minute session that covered 23.11Kms. The cadence was up and down, but the average ended up being 89 which is right around where I wanted to be.  Dailymile says that I burned 1109 calories and that my average BPM was 157.  My max was a little higher than normal (I moved my max to 175 BPM), clock in at 169 BPM.

Speaking of Dailymile, please notice that the mile counter for 2011 is sitting at a pretty crazy 881Kms. That’s right folks, between Spritz, the Red Rocket, the unnamed Mountain Bike and my two Hush Puppies (that’s my feet for those of you that don’t get my humor) I am almost at 1000Kms.

Happy Hump Day,


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